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In recent years, she has focused on trying to give light to the recreated ballet movements when. The artist steps onto the stage, giving rise to a new visual language. “I am a product designer, and I wanted to intertwine my career and my passion. And at that moment I had to work on my final projects, so I took the opportunity and, with a lot of work, effort and help from other great people, my ideas came out. two more interesting projects: Traces and E-Traces”. Lesia has spent years working in various design studios and companies such as Sandrine de Montard, Simontech, Nutrexpa and Martin Azúa Studio.

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Where different disciplines are mixed; where the development can be artisanal or technological, but always taking into account the feeling as the basis of everything.e-traces educating sensitivity The connected ballet shoes were born as a result of Lesia’s Cayman Islands Phone Number List final degree project. Before getting started, she wanted  to research interesting initiatives around dance. Lesia came across many, but the most interesting were projects created by artists such as Meghann Snow, TiitHelimets, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Luis Casanova Sorolla.

All the projects are very beautiful

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And show how to capture movement.” From here, he created his proposal De ella Traces de ella, operation of the project. Lesia chose the Arduino open source technology. movements of the dancers on tiles. She later decided to incorporate new technologies into this concept, since smart fabrics BI Lists and wearables caught her attention. This is how E-Traces was born. In this project, the movement and pressure of the dancer’s feet is reflected through. A small device placed on the tip, sole, and sides of the shoe. In this way, we obtain a series of data that reaches our mobile device through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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