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The shoes incorporate an Arduino Lilypad system, a motherboard specifically designed for sewing on wearables. It connects to three pressure sensors found in different parts of the shoe and to an accelerometer that captures movements. At the same time, it has a battery and a Bluetooth transmitter that allows data. To be sent to a mobile device. “I knew how to illustrate the concept well and the project was published very well on the Internet. So they contacted me from a space for meetings with different artistic. Disciplines that focus mainly on dance, called Flux Laboratory, because they wanted to do an interesting. “Opening” related to dance for the inauguration of the Campus Biotech in Geneva.

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Public my concept. Different people worked as a team to carry out the idea, and it turned out spectacular, although we did not fully develop the product, it was only the development of the performance for the occasion”.e-traces Still in experimental phase The data we obtain from Chile Phone Number List the shoes is transferred to a mobile application. And although this application has not been developed commercially yet, similar technology was used for the performance, allowing the dancer to effectively draw the movements of it. The result is a video that reflects these movements, and also contains data that can be used to analyze the choreography.

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An interesting application that allows dance fans to interact with ballet in a new way. Although the future of E-Traces is somewhat uncertain, Lesia is confident that it can move forward: “I would like to be able to develop both the product and the application in the future, and continue BI Lists designing and creating projects with and for dance,” she concludes. .The “Dark Side” of the PenDrive Luis Maria Ortiz Luis Maria Ortiz Since the year 2000, the PenDrive has served us faithfully.  hundreds of files, with the purpose of transporting them to another site, sharing them or simply saving them. But even the PenDrive has an evil face.

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