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That capture all the movements of the dancers.  the choreographies, in addition to having multiple applications for the world of sports. Let’s say you are a woman. Worker woman. Let’s say that you work hard every day in the office, and for this reason you hope that at some point in your professional life. You will be recognized for that effort with a salary increase, a better position, etc. But wait and wait without daring to ask or risk. I present to you the “ Tiara Syndrome” , which, according to researchers Carol Frohlinger and Deborah Kolb , consists of the fact that most women await their reward in a discreet way, thinking that someone will realize their deserved recognition at some point.

Earlier I said “most women wait

but there is always one who doesn’t, and goes on an adventure to prove what her work is worth. This is precisely how the beautiful story of Lesia Trubat begins in her search for the essence of ballet . A delicate, precious, complicated dance, full of technique, effort and Cameroon Phone Number List sensitivity. One of the features that best characterizes this type of show is how ephemeral it is in time, once observed we will never see that movement that fascinated us so much again, or maybe we will… Thanks to technological advances, it is increasingly closer to popularization in the use of smart clothing.

It’s been two years since Google and

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Nike launched the development of “very talkative” sneakers:the Google TalkingShoe , which commented on each step the user took. Although the shoes were a prototype that was presented by the company through the Art. CopyCode project , and have not yet gone on sale. But this has not BI Lists stopped here, and the connection of a dancer to our mobile devices has been achieved for the first time. It is a project designed by Lesia Trubat, an amateur dancer who knows. The effort that is made to perfect the ballet technique.

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