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throughinnovativesolutions201919_fullimage_201915_fullimage_JLOUSBERG_D4_6824_WEB A stadium in continuous evolution As we said, the objective of this project is to improve the user experience around the stadium. What is a soccer field for? A very simple question and one that seems to have an even simpler answer. It is a place that hosts the matches of the most popular sport in the world, a place of pilgrimage for the most staunch fans, a place that exudes the passion and feelings of thousands of people… but, does a stadium have more uses than the stadium? mere fact of hosting football matches? The answer is yes.

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Idea of ​​this project is to achieve the recreation of a “ smart city ” . that serves to improve the operation of the complex and all its users.large companies in the ICT sector, which also provide the stadium with the largest WiFi network in the Netherlands. Specifically, these are, for the moment, the partners of the initiative: Local Government of Amsterdam, Huawei, KPMG, KPN, Microsoft and  Finland Phone Number List TNO. The common objective: to improve the proper functioning of the venue in different areas: energy and efficiency, entertainment, visitor experience, mobility and accessibility and security.

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Arena project wants to turn the stadium into a multifunctional space (a venue for concerts, conventions, a work space) to become the leading innovative center in the Netherlands. The challenges of Innovation Arena And what kind of services will be likely to be improved through BI Lists the Arena stadium innovation initiative? According to the organization, the improvement will affect everyone: from those who give fans the most headaches, such as long waits in line; even the creation of a good security system that allows anyone to feel safe on the premises; also going through the ability to connect visitors and fans online.

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