Henk Van Raan it is vital that anyone who visits the stadium

Management and Huawei is that in the very near future the number of beneficiaries of the project will reach. The total capacity: 53,000. In short, the consumption of applications and the creation of the WiFi. Network will allow the overall experience of the fan or mere visitor to the Amsterdam Arena to be optimized. As an example, one of the projects currently being worked on consists of developing an app that. Will allow the goals and important plays to be viewed in 360º on smartphones, using all the cameras installed in the stadium. In addition, various “wearable” tools that will collect live player performance data for fans are still under investigation, although, for now, they are only available to technical staff.

Savings and more income

In the opinion of the CIO of Amsterdam Arena,  has a good experience, something that is now possible. Because everything is connected. “The delays on the round-trip journeys, the difficulty of finding parking, the waiting to access the public toilets…. To improve all Ghana Phone Number List these situations, we are innovating so that tickets can be purchased online. And even allow users to find each other to share a vehicle and expedite transport through a postal code application. For example”.“In short, we want to be an example of functionality as a smart city for Amsterdam and the rest of the smart cities in the world.

This is much more than mobile

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Applications for visitors. We want to implement solutions for the sustainability, security and accessibility of the complex”. But in addition, another of the main reasons for launching this project in the Amsterdam Arena. Apart from preserving the quality of the facilities and BI Lists services inside and outside the stadium. Has to do with savings: a reduction in 20% in costs and an increase in profits of more than 20%. “We do not see innovation as an activity but as a strategy to improve our operation. Not only in sales and income, but also in terms of image and value created for the city of Amsterdam”, Henk Van Raan qualifies.

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