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Smart Stadiums” or the process of change towards the football stadiums of the future Pablo Requejo Rodriguez. Pablo Requejo Rodriguez Amsterdam Arena , the largest football stadium in the Netherlands. Has opened an innovation center, Innovation Arena , which emerged in 2014 with. The aim of improving all the services of the sports venue through the technology of different entrepreneurial companies. The ultimate purpose of this initiative: to shape the stadium of the future through technology and entrepreneurship. In 2014, Amsterdam Arena closed an agreement with Huawei and other technology companies to provide. The field with the largest existing WiFi network in the Netherlands.

This is how the Innovation

Arena project was born , an example of an intelligent and efficient stadium.  stadium administration and supported by large technology companies, has a budget of 60 million euros for the celebration of the Eurocup in 2020. Basically, it is a In total, the stadium network Finland Phone Number List will allow nearly 35,000 people to connect and  proposal aimed at startups to develop different technological projects that are related to improving the visitor’s experience of the stadium. Specifically, Innovation Arena poses various challenges: improving security, avoiding and reducing waiting times, enabling healthy food and drink options, optimizing the total visitor experience, etc.

And all this through sustainability and connectivity

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To organize and promote the challenges for entrepreneurs, the “Amazing Monday” meeting takes. Place on the first Monday of each month, where project organizers exhibit the devices created by. The startups participating in each challenge. Here the candidate companies have to BI Lists convince a group of experts of the usefulness of their respective projects. If the proposal is liked by the jury, the participant will receive funding to test it for three more months. If it finally generates income, serves to optimize the visitor experience and contributes to sustainability. The project is finally implemented in the stadium.

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