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Knowing who I am and what I can offer seem very obvious, but they are the first step in any strategy. Just like choosing the social network in which we are going to be based on what we want to tell. The background in which women have always been at an economic and social level means that their presence on the Internet also lags behind men. To begin to overcome this situation, women have to lose their fear of exposing themselves on the networks and trust in their talent., although the lack of credibility in its capacity remains very serious.

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This is the study carried out by a series of prestigious universities in the  of pitching a company to various investors, first presented by a man’s voice and then by a woman’s voice saying exactly what same. In the first case, 68% believed that it was an investable project. When the Estonia Phone Number List voice was that of a woman, the result was that only 32% thought it could be interesting. Undoubtedly, there are still barriers to break down. Para animar a las mujeres a que tengan mayor visibilidad en redes sociales y aumentar las probabilidades de éxito de sus proyectos sociales, empresariales o profesionales, el próximo 27 de enero se celebrará en Gran Vía 28 la primera edición de Coctels and Net.

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Telefónica Open Future_, este formato heredero de Coctels and Blocs, se va a convertir en un clásico del empoderamiento femenino pues se seguirá celebrando los próximos meses de manera alternativa en Madrid y Barcelona. Coctels and Net contará con la presencia de ponentes como Laura Baena, creadora del “Club de malasmadres”, una comunidad 2.0 de madres con BI Lists intereses comunes; Imma Turbau, directora de Container contenidos; y Yolanda Rueda, fundadora y presidenta de la Fundación de Cibervoluntarios. Servirá para promover la importancia del uso de las redes sociales entre las mujeres, así como para reforzar el emprendimiento femenino, continuando el camino iniciado hace meses con la celebración del Women´s Age organizado por Open Future.

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