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Is your inbound strategy effective

If you have chosen to embark on an inbound marketing strategy, congratulations, you have made the right choice! With this strategy you can  . But just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your inbound strategy will take time and optimization to truly perform and provide you with the best possible results. So how do you know if your inbound strategy is working or if you need to adjust it to optimize your performance? Discover in this article some answers to enlighten you. Have you defined your personas, written your first content and updated your blog? Full of hope, are you waiting for the leads? You are right because you now have .

Traffic but few conversions 

Are you driving traffic to your site but seeing few conversions.To understand what is wrong with your strategy, here are several things to think about.  Downloadable content is the foundation of any inbound strategy.  and Estonia Phone Number List convince them to provide you with information about them in exchange.  If you have created a landing page on your blog allowing you to request a demo of your software, this is a first step. You will probably capture prospects close to the purchase decision, who will be contacted directly by your sales team. On the other hand, a prospect who has not yet identified a solution but is looking for information on a general subject, will not find what he came looking for on your site.  for them that will allow you to capture these prospects early in their buying journey and then help them progress in their journey. 

Conversions but not enough requests for commerce

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Your lead machine is launched and your efforts are bearing fruit; you register many leads every month. However, you pass on few contacts to the sales BI lists team. Here are some leads. The process of processing leads between marketing and commerce must be clear and fluid. You must be able to define precisely what are the qualification criteria of a contact. If not,  what information they would like to know about a prospect before contacting them for the first time.Are your blog posts all redirecting to a downloadable offer? In inbound, To help your visitors easily find your downloadable offers, you can also create a “Resources” page for example.All you have to do is  with a few nudges such as  your offers on social networks and to boost traffic on your blog and on your landing pages.

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