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How does Contentsquare turn

On November 18, 2021, marketing and digital experts met in an exceptional place: the Parc des Princes. During a day rich in round tables, masterclasses but above all business cases, everyone was able to fill up on good practices to boost their digital marketing strategy. To find out what we learned from this event, quickly read our article Among the conferences of the day, we particularly appreciated the one led by Léonie De Verdelhan from JeudiMerci and Sonia Ouaksel from ContentSquare, entitled. The company supports more than 750 brands in optimizing their web, mobile and app experience. Discover in this article howthe on/offline relational marketing platform, helped to federate a community of users and ambassadors. 

User clubs  the first loyalty lever

These days more  talk to an existing customer before buying. To initiate its ambassador approach, Contentsquare has chosen to set up user clubs. The idea El-Salvador Phone Number List of  is to offer customers who so wish a moment of discussion with their peers. On the program   Contentsquare has thus implemented a strategy . User clubs are led by customers who present their stories and experiences to their peers. Finally, this meeting allows the Contentsquare teams  Implemented a year ago at Contentsquare, the is already a great success. Each quarter, they consult the platform’s adoption data with the most active customers.  A personalized  in the client’s name is sent. The champions are then invited to share the document on social networks. Contentsquare even decided to go further by sending boxes to champion users. JeudiMerci thus imagined.

A rewards program that matches customer commitment

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The content of the box changes every quarter and contains an assortment of products around a theme chosen according to seasonality. The objective BI lists is to encourage users .The campaign generated a lot of engagement on LinkedIn with the  hashtag and hundreds of. Everything is done to encourage them to share the document on their social networks thanks to for the occasion.  Contentsquare was keen to put in place a  that would reward interaction, commitment and not transactional acts. Over time, this project has emerged to the delight of customers.  Contentsquare chose JeudiMerci to build a simple, efficient and automated program to.  Each marketing action in which the customer participates.Testimonial, participation, reaction, sharing. gives him points. As soon as a customer reaches a level, he can exchange his points for a gift. He can then.


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