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Inbound marketing or how to give to receive

Every Monday in the “Brown Bag Lunch Live. PPC welcomes a marketing guest on LinkedIn live to go around a subject and answer questions from Internet users. Isabelle Defay, director of the Winbound Paris and Lyon agencies, played the game of questions and answers, in a Did you miss the live? Here’s what to remember from this intervention. Inbound marketing responds to changes in marketing. The classic  is no longer always enough. Each prospect aspires to be treated in a personalized way. People and  are precisely at the heart of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing a win-win approach

Inbound marketing is an approach that consists of To attract them, we publish and distribute content that responds to these issues. Then we try to take them Namibia Phone Number List on a journey that will lead them to the first commercial contact. Unlike traditional marketing, which highlights the product, here it is  Inbound marketing is also a response to consumer behavior. While 75% of the purchase journey is done without contact with a salesperson, inbound allows you to enter into a conversation with the prospect without waiting for this first contact. To personalize the journey; it goes through the definition of personas types of target customers.

A strategy in line with marketing changes

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Inbound marketing also responds to the context of the. Following the two previous confinements, many companies have become aware of the importance of BI lists digital. In 2020, we can no longer limit ourselves to physical sales. By relying on content, inbound marketing can generate contacts and   This is additional security in the event of a crisis.To create and nurture the relationship, the inbound marketing strategy consists of adapting to the customer’s expectations and providing useful answers.Depending on the problems of each persona, we can then develop differentiated paths.

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