Inbound Marketing Strategy award

Inbound Marketing France is back for a  Until April 30 This award recognizes the most successful lead acquisition strategies in companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.  Marketing and Communication Manager at Teralta is theUnanimously elected by the members of the jury, Teralta was able to hold its own thanks to an innovative and unprecedented strategy in a context of company takeover and a highly competitive business sector.

What motivated you to participate in the award

After seeing a post on social media about the award for Best Inbound Marketing Strategy, I discussed it with our local agency and told them: what we Nepal Phone Number List are doing in our market is not that bad… We we started from a blank page, so why not participate? Quite honestly, I didn’t really believe it, because when you participate in a national award, you find yourself confronted with large companies, with larger marketing departments. I took this opportunity more as an exercise… This can allow us to gauge ourselves against all the companies that practice inbound… Are we finally there? ”I really wanted to start from the issues.

How did you go about putting together

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I had therefore prepared a 2nd presentation to further illustrate our thoughts and our action plan with the results obtained.I had questions that were very BI lists relevant, with a jury that was benevolent. Honestly, no. We are in Reunion, 10,000 km from mainland France. Even if we are an overseas territory. That is really starting to move its lines on digital. In my opinion, we really had a delay to make up for in our sector of activity. Which is the construction industry. I never imagined that we could finally be ahead of certain companies in mainland France.I did not expect that. Then, when we had the announcement of the podium, I understood that we were part of the top 3. With our local agency which had also traveled with me for this occasion, we said to ourselves that being third it was already a victory for us.

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