how to exploit them for your business

Instagram Reels are short videos in vertical format that can be shared in posts, stories and in the specific “Reel” section.This new function allows you to record short videos ( maximum 60 seconds ), inserting music, stickers, captions and applying filters.Reels therefore give the possibility of publishing highly creative content but at the same time light and simple to create.

Let’s see in detail what Instagram Reels are and how they can be useful for promoting your online business.

What are Instagram Reels and how they work

The reel is a video of maximum 60 seconds with the same format as the stories, i.e. vertical with a 9:16 ratio.

They therefore have the same format as Instagram Stories, they also allow you to insert stickers, writings and music, but unlike these they remain in the feed forever (and last longer) . It is therefore a type of content that is a little more elaborate and therefore less immediate to create.

The reels are published in a special section which can be accessed by pressing the respective icon next to the grid, furthermore there is also the possibility of posting them in your feed. To see other people’s reels, just press the central icon in the application home.Unlike normal posts, videos will appear in the reel section that according to Instagram are in line with your interests (based on the actions you take every day within the platform).

How the algorithm works and how to produce viral reels

Reels have the advantage of capturing users’ attention, producing interactions and keeping people glued to the screen, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

To create viral content, it is always advisable, before producing a reel, to analyze and study current trends, so as to use them to your advantage to gain more visibility.As? For example, looking at the most popular reels every day, trying to pick up on any trends, repeating details, filters, music, shots, etc…

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