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If there is a domestic task that I hate with all my might, it is putting the cover on the duvet . I’m clumsy, I admit it. In the attempt to put it in and square the four corners, I also end up under the cover, like a little disoriented ghost. Despite the efforts, the result is always the same: cover without a duvet and duvet without a cover. A disaster. Recently, someone shared this video on Facebook “ How to easily put on the duvet cover. There is a trick ” , from the Belgian subsidiary of Bosch . It was love at first sight. A gift of those that, by unexpected, make you a tremendous illusion.

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My friends and family. Now even with you. Bosch has won a part of the hearts of all of us who hate putting the cover on the duvet. Here is the key to content marketing , the good one, what all companies should achieve: fall in love with useful and valuable content to become not only  Italy Phone Number List customers but also prescribers , that is, get us to recommend the brand. Content Marketing: a love story And why does Bosch -manufacturer of household appliances- talk about duvets? Because that is precisely what content marketing is about. It is not about looking at our navels all the time, about “selling the bike”, about talking about how great you are.

That is what advertising is for

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Which is reinvented day by day to be less invasive (and to avoid the adblockers we use to block ads while browsing the Internet).He will be the one who approaches you BI Lists attracted by what you offer him. What happens when the company does content marketing focused on itself? Well, simply that it will scare away the customer . He’s like the guy who tries to flirt with you but he only talks about himself, he doesn’t ask or listen.

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