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A time of reckless investments! startup But overvaluation was just one of the problems Many of these companies spent much of their investor money expanding their operations while vastly overestimating the demand for their services. Remember that around the year 2000, the Internet was still a relatively new phenomenon, especially for the home user. , for example, ordering it online was certainly not the first thing that came to mind. One of the most interesting things about these failures is that they all have today’s equivalents that work great. For Pets.com, there’s Petsmart.

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UK supermarket; for Kozmo.com there is, once again, Amazon. The ideas, therefore, were not bad… Would the deadlines and the execution be the breaking factors? Of course, this is not to say that none of the startups that attract quick and early investment involve business  Iran Phone Number List intelligence. Some of the world’s largest and most successful companies would not exist today if it weren’t for investor money. It must be remembered that Apple had to accept an investment from Microsoft of 150 million dollars in order not to go bankrupt.

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Partners investor group injected Facebook with $210 million, which grew to $1.5 billion when the social network went public in May 2012. Some of the most current technology companies ( Snapchat or Uber , for example), receive financing of hundreds of millions of dollars. For me, it’s too BI Lists soon to tell whether these investments are a success or a failure. But while we can and do dispute current valuations , the ubiquity of smartphones and Internet access means demand for those services shouldn’t be an issue. Now the most important thing is not to be just another name on a list of great technological failures… What will Content Marketing be like in 2016? Cecilia Vega Hevia Cecilia Vega Hevia Nazareth Victoria Perez Diaz Nazareth Victoria Perez Diaz We analyze the keys to good content marketing and the trends for 2016 around this digital marketing strategy.

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