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Neither you nor anyone else would want to be

In content marketing it is vital to know the target , know the concerns, needs and problems of the client (such as putting the duvet in its cover) and give them exactly the content they are looking for, as long as it is consistent with the vision of the brand. Only then will we love him with that boy. In a content strategy, your company is in the background, the client becomes the center of the universe. Love Content Marketing Does this mean that it is forbidn to talk about you or what the company does? Of course not. You can talk about your product or your service, as long as you do it in a natural, transparent and non-intrusive way within the framework of content that generates value, that is useful, that helps make life easier, that clears up doubts, etc Don’t sell anything, give solutions.

It matters what, where

How and when You can do it in different ways and with different formats : from an article on a corporate blog, a post on a social network, an infographic on Pinterest, a vio on the YouTube channel… It is worth stopping at this last format: the vio . If in 2015 it was the winning Japan Phone Number List type of content, 2016 will only consolidate its success. Text is beginning to saturate and, according to Cisco , this year a total of 1.2 million minutes of vio – the equivalent of 833 days or more two years old – will cross the Internet every second . And we are not only talking about vios generated by professionals, but also personal micro-vios record by consumers themselves from their mobile phones and distributed through social networks.

The social environment gains

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Weight and importance. We will no longer only find generic links but content created specifically for Social Media platforms . For example, the vio of Bosch and the BI Lists duvet is created especially for Facebook . It is precisely this social network that has taken a giant step forward with the launch of InstantArticles , the tool that allows the media to publish instant content on their profiles .

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