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At a time when mobile searches on Google

What will the next network to join this trend? T as writing them . It is essential to make them known and, for that, social networks are, as I have already mentioned, the ideal way. Also, and for those who long for Google to love them, tell them that there is a positive relationship between the number of shares on social networks and better search engine positioning . The moment chosen to distribute the contents can significantly vary the result of a campaign.  exceed those carried out on sktop , brands must also strive to generate more and tter content adapted to mobile phones. Mobile Content Market A lot of strategy and, of course, heart. clear, try to empathize with the client, speak his language and create an emotional bond with him.

I, in particular, am a fan of storytell

That technique that brands such as Coca Cola , Apple or Ikea know so well , capable of mak you feel butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat with unique stories. Storytell does not sell products or services but emotions . The values ​​and virtues that will make Malaysia Phone Numr List you want a romance with that brand or company. And all this altruistically? It’s okay to help society, but let’s not fool ourselves, hind Content Market there are some objectives : attract potential customers, get leads (user contacts through a form), build a brand, increase visibility, increase sales.

What is the ROI or return on

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Investment in this discipline? The truth is that it is very complicated, almost impossible to measure in economic terms and, furthermore, the results are seen in the BI Lists long term. It is like a love story slowly forged, in the old fashioned way, which must cultivated day by day, content by content, but once established, it will last over time. Love in times of SEO I have reached this point without nam the so hackneyed SEO . Translation 1: achieve organic position in search engines. Translation 2: appear in the highest positions in searches for one or more keywords.

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