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What really scores points now is giving good

Translation 3: have visibility in Google without paying (paying we have the SEM ). There are plenty of SEO tools , hundreds of services and tools, free and paid, that can help you on your way to the perfect SEO. Here you have a complete and updated list prepared by ninjaseo.com . Choose according to your objectives and budget, but without forgetting something essential: always write for people, not for robots . Good content does not change even if the Google algorithm changes. In addition, after the latest modifications, in 2015, Google gives priority to content that answers user questions and offers quality solutions.

So what about the keywords

Relevant titles and descriptions, optimized URLs, and tags? You should be careful and keep them in mind. SEO is not dead, organic positioning is still vital in a framework of general rejection of traditional advertising, but repeating keywords like a parrot is  Mexico Phone Number List no longer carried.  content and prioritizing the user experience or web usability (UX) . If you want the user and Google to love you, offer them valuable content and encourage pleasant browsing, the kind that leaves you with a good feeling. SEO UX Content Marketing One of the things that intrigues me the most for 2016 is how content marketing will respond to increasingly everyday technologies like Siri and Cortana.

These virtual assistants

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Which use search engines to answer questions asked by users, are changing the way we search and find things, posing a new challenge for SEO optimization and content creators . mK_cont-01 Content is NOT king Content. Content. Content. It seems clear that content BI Lists is king, right? Well no, content is NOT king. First, because it is evident that nowadays anything can be called content. If so, the monarch would be the GOOD content. Second, because you have to be clear that content marketing is not writing and then crossing your arms.

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