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According to the person responsible for the invention

After tests carried out on various corn crops in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Solid rain managed to multiply up to five times the productivity obtained. With the traditional blanket irrigation system . , only 25 kg of product , if you do not want to in this way. Or do not have an account in them, we will have to go through. The registration process and fill in the data again and again. per hectare of crop are required. Allowing a saving of 80% in production costs. He ensures that the volume of water and fertilizers is reduced to what is strictly necessary. And requires less labor and energy consumption during the process.

The director of Engineering in Sustainable

Development of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Carlos Ortiz , endorses the success of solid rain in the south and southeast of the country, but also highlights the reluctance of Mexican producers to use this biodegradable polymer for irrigation by its roots in traditional farming Turkey Phone Number List methods. Rico founded the company Silos de Agua in 2002 in order to market the product among Mexican producers. The effectiveness of solid rain has crossed the country’s borders. And is already being marketed in Argentina , Ecuador , India , Russia , Peru , Spain , the United Arab Emirates and soon it is expected to also reach Haiti.

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