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New irrigation technology based on solid rain to fight drought Miguel A. Perez Miguel A. Perez This harmless, biodegradable polymer is capable of retaining up to 200 times its weight in water for at least 6 weeks. The Mexican engineer, Sergio Rico , has created a powder whose properties. Allow water to be stored for more than a month in order to solve the problems of water. Scarcity suffered by many regions of the country. This unique method of controlled irrigation, baptized as solid rain. Is being used successfully by Mexican farmers and is already being. Exported to other countries in the world, such as Spain.

Its ability to absorb up to 200 times

Its weight in water turns this innocuous biodegradable polymer into a potential water retention tool, to then gradually release it at the opportune moment  Thailand Phone Number List of sowing. Potassium Acrylate , when hydrated with rainwater , becomes a gel capable of retaining this precious liquid for 40 days . So that the roots can be hydrated without having to wait for the rainy season.  Giving the plant more time for its development and subsequent harvesting.

solid rain The application technique

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For this product is quite simple, and is reduced to spreading the polymer on the base of the trees and plants, waiting for it to hydrate with the rains and retain enough liquid to guarantee the optimum degree of humidity . on the roots for the next 6 weeks. The system reuses water from BI Lists occasional rainfall, which would otherwise be lost underground. an alternative method to drip irrigation , due to its ability to control the degree of hydration of the crops without having to resort to the complex hydraulic infrastructure of this irrigation system, or also, as a palliative solution for those lands with cultivation, which due to its location, present serious difficulties to access the irrigation network.

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