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The hotter the lead is, the more we have to talk to him about reasons and the less about emotions. When considering this advertising action, you have to stick to data that is as real as possible. If you have previously placed ads on this platform then you will have historical data to draw on. Without a doubt, this is the best option because it is the one that really fits your business.

Campaigns so that your analysis

However, if you do not have your own data, you top industry data will have to analyze how the market is on Facebook. Use a tool to analyze campaigns from other accounts and calculate a realistic CPC . This market study will be useful to know that if you are below average, your ad may not work. It is important that you base yourself on real data, on real campaigns so that your analysis is as reliable as possible. Copywriting for Facebook Ads.

Before delving into how to create these ads

How to Write Effective Ads in 5 Steps How BI Lists to make an ad on Facebook Ads with Neuromarketing criteria: the perfect copy for Facebook Before delving into how to create these ads, let’s see what the basic structure of these ads is, and what aspects they comprise. A typical Facebook Ads ad has a structure that fits the following elements General description (90 characters) Image and Text of the image Title (25 characters) Link description (30 characters) Link + Button Copywriting for Facebook Ads

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