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How to Write Effective Ads in 5 Steps According to several neuromarketing studies , the copy (the text) and the image have a lot of weight in the user’s mind. On the other hand, many consider that the title of the ad is very important. However, these studies have shown that what people pay most attention to is the text above. The overview at the top of the ad is the biggest trigger for recall.

Most important Includes a hook that invites

Therefore, it is recommended that you work well industry email list with those 90 characters if you want to impact your users. When writing it, keep the following in mind: The first 90 characters are the most important Includes a hook that invites you to continue reading Be clear with the objective you want to achieve Make a clear value proposition.

Pose a problem your audience

It has to be a specific and concrete BI Lists proposal of who you are or what you do. It is a great help when it comes to attracting the attention of colder users Use the PAS Formula . The PAS (Problem/Agitation/Solution) is one of thebest-known and easiest to apply copywriting formulas . Pose a problem your audience has, agitate them and provide a solution (you, your product/service) Includes testimonials . Testimonials work very well for leads who are not so cold, and who already have some information about the problem at least.

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