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With each version, Microsoft has added

Not only in what refers to the electric motor but also in what has to do with the autonomous car, since the manufacturer uses sophisticated software in its vehicles, in relation to that incorporated by other brands, which leads to an advantageous position to develop self-driving systems. How to get the most out of Windows Explorer Gabriela Gonzalez Gabriela Gonzalez Learn to use the best and most essential Windows tool with these tips. Windows Explorer is one of the tools we use the most on a daily basis, from there all the files we have on our drive are managed.

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For the first time in Windows 95, and was even used to launch applications since the famous start menu that we all know did not yet exist. Despite how old this tool is, many users are unaware of some of its most advantageous features. more and more features that make it a Singapore Phone Number List very powerful and useful program. We teach you some tricks to get the most out of it. Keyboard shortcuts Windows Explorer has a number of keyboard shortcuts that offer everything from faster ways to open it, to navigating between folders and naming them without even moving the mouse.

WIN + E. With this shortcut you

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Can open Windows Explorer. ALT+LEFT ARROW . Go back to the previous folder. ALT+RIGHT ARROW . Go to the next folder. ALT+UP ARROW . Go to the root directory. F2 . Rename the file you currently have selected. ALT+D . Go to the address bar of Windows BI Lists Explorer. ALT+P . Open the file preview panel. CTRL+N . Open a new Windows Explorer window. CTRL+SHIFT+N . Create a new folder. ALT+ENTER . Opens the properties of the currently selected file. Mount ISO files In the past, to open an ISO file on a Windows computer, you had to install an application like Daemon Tools or UltraISO.

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