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However, in Holland they defend that the route of the WePod minibus has been a pioneer in the world, since it is the first time that a vehicle of this type circulates on public streets without any driver . In autonomous car tests, it is usual for there to be a driver behind the wheel, even if they do not touch it all the way. It is a kind of human guarantee against a possible failure by the machine. In this case, the WePod mcirobus did not carry anyone in charge of this function, only six passengers traveled inside it . The route has been short, just 200 meters that have not given many anecdotes, at a speed of 8Km/h.

The goal of the project associated

With the WePod is for these models to cover a distance of four miles within an urban area. For the moment the test has been carried out in the city of Wageningen.  A small town but endowed with a university and a research center. The tests have been supported by the group specialized  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List in sustainable mobility Connekt.  And the Delft Technical University, between The Hague and Rotterdam. They have cost about three million euros. The perspective is that this experience will serve to introduce innovations in the public transport network of cities in the Netherlands.

The WePods will be able to

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Circulate at 24 km/h , with which the type of routes they cover will be very specific. That is why the places in the minibuses can be reserved through a mobile application . WePod The commitment to the WePod is not only as an autonomous vehicle. This minibus is electric, so it is BI Lists committed to reducing emissions. Some manufacturers, such as  autonomous driving and electric motor, go hand in hand, in order to build a car of the future , which later does not have to be redesigned from scratch. Tesla is one of the pioneers in this field.

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