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Tesla opened up its technology last year to

Electric cars still have some hurdles to overcome for their adoption to be massive. Among them is fast charging. Accustomed to refueling our gasoline or diesel vehicles in three minutes. It seems like a thankless task to wait several hours for the battery of an electric car to charge . That is why it is so important that there are stations capable of providing. The car with the necessary energy in a short time so that it can make several trips in the city before refueling. Tesla has its own network of fast charging stations , which currently numbers around 600 around. The world, with around 3,500 ‘superchargers’ in total.

It has been a pioneer in this aspect

As in others in electric mobility, and its technology allows the 90 kWh battery to be charged. Up to half in about 20 minutes or half an hour, which would give the vehicle a range of 215 km. Last year the manufacturer released an update to the operating system of its cars so  Hungary Phone Number List that they would notify drivers when there was. A danger that they would be out of range to reach their fast charging stations. A measure that reflects the importance that Tesla places. On its ‘superchargers’, each of which works in parallel to provide 120 kW of direct current.

It is not the only manufacturer

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That is working in this direction and soon there will be more and more. One of the reasons for this is that other players in the automotive industry, making its patents relating to ‘superchargers’ free to use. This effort to grow the electric vehicle market is not alone. Apart from BI Lists the rest of the manufacturers that are dedicated to the issue. laboratories around the world are investigating how to improve fast charging. One of them is at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland. A team of scientists has come up with an easy-to-use, but no less admirable method to help fast charging.

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