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For the battery of an electric vehicle to charge at high speed, such power is needed that it would bring down the electrical network . So that this does not happen, the researchers thought that a huge lithium-ion battery. The size of a container used in the transport of goods.  Could accumulate enough energy, which it would receive from the network at normal power. Much higher power could be used from this giant battery, to charge about 30 kWh in 15 minutes.  Enough to cover distances of 150 km. With this element acting as an intermediary. he network is not saturated, but the loading speed can be very high.

Fast charge Even so, there is no doubt

That the arrival of the electric car will make us change our habits. No more refueling in a couple of minutes.  gas station would be in a power station. The authors of the research estimate that it would have to have four lithium-ion battery containers to supply about 200 cars a day. Virtual reality reaches  Israel Phone Number List medicine: this is how it can improve rehabilitation exercises.  Angela Bernardo Angela Bernardo Scientists from the Carlos III University of Madrid design. A virtual reality prototype to improve shoulder rehabilitation exercises.

When Facebook acquired the Oculus

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Rift for $2 billion, interest in virtual reality and augmented reality skyrocketed. Not surprisingly, the movements of Zuckerberg’s company, along with those of Google. Heralded constant and interesting growth in an expanding industry. Analysts such as TrendForce suggested a BI Lists year ago that the virtual reality market could reach 70,000 million dollars in 2020. Beyond economic data, what interest can virtual reality have in our lives? Like any new technology, virtual reality is still in an embryonic state, although it is already considered one of the five great advances that we will see in 2016. Some of its hypothetical applications have been tested in fields as diverse as space exploration or even in video game development.

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