The report of the event

March 22, 2023 By yqi71 0

The 4th edition of Inbound Marketing France began this Monday, June 21 for a 100% online edition. This week dedicated to digital marketing aims to share good web practices and help professionals develop their online business.Cindy Ronsoux, inbound marketing project manager, and Leïla Vieuville, inbound project manager and account-based marketing expert, presented the missions of the Winbound agency. It supports companies in order to acquire a better knowledge of their targets, customers and prospects. Manuel Muller, communication and digital marketing director at BlueKanGo, called on Winbound with a view to centralizing data and simplifying the relationship with the CRM. He has thus observed real changes thanks to this type of strategy, estimating that of the projects in the company come from inbound marketing” .

The basics of inbound marketing

Faced with infobesity or the inflation of content that accompanies inbound marketing strategies, Muriel Gani, author of the book Writing for the web  and Kenya Phone Number List consultant in digital editorial strategy, recommends a qualitative approach. For this, it is necessary to better target its audience, to produce precise and impactful content. She gives several tips to achieve this. take an interest in both the audience’s expectations (by putting yourself in their place) and the context (when, where and how do they consume the content), deliver a maximum of information in a minimum of words so as not to lose the attention of prospects, give the essential information first, promote syntactic simplicity and make short sentences (between 15 and 20 words), use the links to complete the information, to involve the reader and improve the referencing.

The intensive and responsible 

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According to him, since the implementation of the GDPR and the   the marketer must imperatively collect his own data and no longer rely on third-party data. They BI lists alone will create intimacy between the customer and a brand. Artificial intelligence then intervenes to exploit them correctly. But we must take precautions, there is a real ethical challenge, underlines the specialist. This last point will become an essential pillar of marketing. Now, a good marketer must. The author also specifies that monitoring KPIs must therefore be placed. The data scientist will set up observability to detect the drifts that could happen and allow the marketer to react. The NPS  will become an essential KPI for the expert, because it will allow him to assess customer satisfaction, but also the recommendation potential of the service.