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Up then it will just be another placement and overall performance will suffer. What has Google said? A Google spokesperson told Ad Age: Like a number of social apps and websites has signed up to monetize its home feed with Google Ad Manager. This is an opportunity for our advertisers to reach a broader audience but as always they can choose what sites and apps their ads run on. Any publisher who participates in this type of partnership must abide by our publisher policies. Will Google help mark the right revenue spot? Stay

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In your inbo. Business email address Get in your inbo. See terms. Add to your Google News feed. Google News Related stories Meta launches features for ads How Citizens Bank transformed content to meet b2b leads changing customer needs Two-thirds of marketers report mid-year budget cuts Hate speech on social media can significantly damage brands: Study Online close to edging out physical stores for holiday buying New on Meta launches features for ads 3 ways MOps can bridge the gap in marketing analytics New GA4 features

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And report accuracy The latest jobs in Real Story Group launches free assessment tool About the author Nicola Agius Nicola Agius BI Lists Related topics Social media marketing Get the daily newsletter digital marketers rely on. Business email address Get in your inbo. See terms. Attend our events Martech: is Marketing Discover time-saving technologies and actionable tactics that can help you overcome crucial marketing

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