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The keys from ROI measurement

In a context where the with theand where it has become necessary to be part of an  to capture your customer, the key performance indicators of your acquisition marketing strategy must be identified to more precisely , right up to the act of purchase. To which lever should performance be attributed? Is the mix-media the most efficient? What are the tools for monitoring and attributing the performance of your digital strategy.Purchasing behaviors are changing and to ensure that you are implementing effective actions, you must monitor and analyze your indicators. Your key indicators must allow you to identify all potential sources of optimization, in all places and from all media where your potential buyer can meet you.

Why attach key performance indicators

They are exposed to your offer through several web marketing levers: natural referencing, paid, on social networks, on price comparators, etc. The physical UAE Phone Number List point of sale is also inserted in the course. Influencers invite themselves into theThey can tip the customer into the act of purchase and must be taken into account in the key performance indicators of your digital strategy as a lever in their own right.Whether paid leversemailing, paid referencing, display, affiliation, etc.or “free” levers (direct traffic, external links pointing to his site, natural referencing, etc.Yohann Delahaye presents the different performance .assign the same share of contribution to all levers within the conversion journey. If 5 levers contributed to the final transformation, 0.2 points are attributed here to each lever.

What levers contribute to the performance 

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To frame your strategy, you must follow a methodology that will allow you to “press where it hurts. The levers are multiple and do not all have the same importance BI lists in conversion, in volume as in value. And propose a corrective action plan to optimize their results. We talk about governance on the digital strategy. Certain levers when they are suspended “break” the chain that leads. To conversion while others do not bring any break. Which lever is involved in conversion. This information will then make it possible to optimize. Each investment by lever according to the generated ROI. Performance is attributed 100% to the last lever that converted. This is the default setting for measurement tools. Which until now were not able. To have an overall view of the entire purchase journey and therefore of the associated levers.

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