The 10 Best Articles from ClaudioInacio

Have you come to this blog and don’t know which are the most featured or read articles of the year? In this post I want to speed up that search and for this I have created a TOP blog with the 10 best Digital Marketing articles in 2017. Well, this post perhaps should have been written last week (the last week of the year), but the truth is that the holidays have not been as expected, and the motivation to get on the computer was zero. This has been the main reason, and then during these holidays one disconnects and I didn’t have much desire to be honest hahahaha For this reason, and because I know that many of you are still on vacation and without.

Much time to be in

Therefore, front of the computer, I start the year with a summary of 2017. Something easy to read and useful for those who are new to. The blog and do not know executive email list the contents best rated by the blog audience. Furthermore, I think it is a good way to keep in mind what has happened (good and bad things). And know that sometimes we cannot control everything and that it does not always depend on us. It has been a year where everything has happened: From hacking to the web Brutal drop in traffic (due to hacking and other botched work with the blog) Change of website (a task that seems Titanic). Let’s see if I release the new version in a few days…

Broken collaborations

Therefore, New and interesting collaborations My personal brand. Has continued to gain visibility and positioning in the desired sector. More proposals have BI Lists arrived to teach classes in marketing schools. I have multiplied the invitations to give presentations (about 8 in person + others online) last year I The 10 Best had been to 2. I have changed the content strategy of the blog (we stopped writing only for Google and created content with personal identity). Something that I am very happy with the results obtained. The community on the blog (+30,000 subscribers) and Social Networks (+90,000 followers) has continued to grow. About 50 articles published. With these results I can say that it was a bittersweet year. 

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