The importance of overcoming fear to explode with

Are you clear that fear is one of the emotions that paralyzes you when it comes to doing the things you want to do? How to overcome fear? Did you know that one of the great obstacles when it comes to promoting a personal brand is fear? In this post, I am going to talk to you about a topic that is rarely touched on but that. 

I think is very important if you are enhancing your personal branding or other aspects of your life. The importance This is not a post with tricks or advice about personal branding, just about things that I have experienced and that I would like you to read if you feel that your personal brand does not reach the level you want. It could be due to fear…

Have you thought about 

Well before continuing, I want to clarify that I am not an. Expert on emotions nor am I going to give you psychologist advice. So don’t come to me later executive data asking for advice hahaha. Here I am only going to tell you what I have learned these years with my experience and how I face this situation that paralyzes us so much. The objective of the post is for you to see that fear cannot be a reason.

For not doing things, and that it is necessary to face it so that your personal brand is enhanced, nothing more. Yes, it seems silly, but it’s not. It is the answer and a reality. Since I was little I have always been afraid of speaking in public, I never liked the spotlight, I have always wanted to be among the crowd (to be one of the crowd) and not stand out.

The importance I knew

That to make my personal brand known, it would be important to take that step, I started doing it. I have no preparation as a speaker or communicator skills. There are BI Lists people who open their mouths and make you fall in love. I’m not one of those. But, I try to be natural and human when I communicate. I try to convey my style and be seen as one of you. And so, I am facing (overcoming?) this fear that blocked me (and still blocks me sometimes) for so many years.

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