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digital economy areasThe average ICD of the entities stands at 16.23 points. Out of 100, (very low), only 19% of them have a “high” level. The most alarm th is that more than 70% of them are low that level . level. As always, it cannot generalized, it pends a lot on the sectors, with Services the one with the highest average level of ICD. The potential that new management tools offer to increase productivity and efficiency is not taken advantage of. It is true that most of them have corporate websites and profiles on social networks but, internally, there is still little penetration of the use of digital tools. Some, such as the cloud or professional social networks, go unnoticed by the majority.

In sectors such as retail or tourism

However, a greater assiduity to these tools is appreciated since, such dynamic and competitive sectors. They must always up to date. y little integrated mediasuch as corporate blogs, online stores or mobile applications that would undoubtedly give the company greater visibility  Kenya Phone Numr List in the online environment. But often the problem is that they do not know what the digital disciplines are , nor what direction they should take when start the strategic plann of the digital implementation, since less than 30% of managers state that they receive regular train in digital matters.

It is the job of both CEOs and

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Talent recruiters to keep up to date with the latest velopments in orr to achieve greater performance from their businesses. “Digital transformation is done by people, not companies,” said Enrique nayas. General Director of ICEMD . Expectations vs Reality There is a clear difference tween. What is expected from the digital context and the level of application that companies have. From BI Lists what managers expect from the digital context and the reality of the actions they velop in it. They consir it a priority, for example, to attract and retain customers through a digital strategy. But in the velopment of digital market strategies the level of what they lieve they should do is low.

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