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All of this also improves air quality and reduces pollution. . smart cities– CONNECTED HEALTH – Provide care remotely or at home and improve health and well-being Monitoring through mobile technology of chronic or high-risk patients while they are at home, avoids repeated trips to the hospital or doctors to their home, and reduces the stay of people in the hospital center. ehealth– CONNECTED AGRICULTURE – Improve the efficiency of farming methods and increase yields The key technologies to achieve emissions savings refer to Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS), self-guidance systems for farm machinery and technologies that allow optimizing the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

The impact of advances

In agriculture not only affects climate change but also food security, biodiversity, water… Despite its relevance, the study identifies several obstacles to its application: the lack of common standards for the data exchange between systems, cost, training… Less than 20% of companies Kazakhstan Phone Number List in Spain are prepared for Digital Transformation Rian Ordoñez Rian Ordoñez. Most companies are not taking advantage of the potential that new management tools offer to increase productivity and efficiency.

Spanish companies have a very

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low level of digital inclusion, as confirmed by the study carried out by ICEMD in collaboration with  with different national companies located in the tourism, services, transport, retail and industry sectors on 39 digital skills; The study reveals a bleak panorama in the field of new BI Lists technologies and their implementation. The data obtained after the surveys led the experts to prepare a Digital Competence Index (ICD), that is, an “indicator that determines the level of implementation of digital competences in the Spanish company”, which compares the level of relevance that the manager associates with digital skills and the level of actual implementation in the company.

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