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Preferences and interests and display remendation

One of the most important is crm marketing automation. That allows employees to operate on consistent, unifi and precise data. Thanks to it, a number of important information about our customers can be available simultaneously to the marketing. Sales and customer service departments. Another extremely important module concerns all kinds of automation (both automatic sending of e-mails and push notifications, as well as more extensive automations. They deal with, for example. Remendations for upselling and cross-selling.

Long Form Video Vs Short Form Video

The marketing automation system is bas on monitoring people who visit our website. Thanks to the collection and aggregation of data, we are able to prepare personaliz sales campaigns, effectively recover abandon baskets and suggest products to users that are likely to arouse the interest of a given customer. Thus – they can also database increase sales in the online store. Marketing automation systems collect information about both identifi contacts that we have in our database and anonymous users. We municate with them here and now, bas only on the information we collect during the current visit to the website. How to use customer information to increase the effectiveness of sales activities.


Achieve Higher Sales Conversion

Marketing automation systems collect, among others, such data as visit subpages, along with details of the products that the user view or add to the basket source of access to the site categories view search terms In addition, openings and clicks in e-mail messages, transactions made and additions to favorite products on the website are record. Bas on this information, we can send the customer a mercial offer tailor to his frames. Some crm marketing automation systems give you the ability to create workflows for the user, depending on what stage in the shopping funnel they BI lists are currently at. We can create dicat marketing campaigns for each level. Their goal is to move the lead towards strictly sales stages until the purchase is made.

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