How much does cooperation with influencers cost

Influencer experience It is worth choosing an influencer who already has this type of experience. Successful advertising activities in the form of complet posts, stories or videos are the portfolio of a given creator. However, verify that the creator has not had too many collaborations, especially with competitors. If he advertises similar products over and over again, the ad may annoy his audience. In addition, it may become unreliable for users due to the constant promotion of offers from competing companies. Reception As we have already establish, this is not a key factor, but still very important.

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Also check the ratio of engagement to the number of followers. If the engagement is low, it may mean that the influencer is using purchas followers. Type of content Influencer has a profile fill with greatdatabase photos? Don’t expect him to create a catchy reel. Remember that the way the product is present must be consistent with the activity of the creator. How to start cooperation with an influencer? We can work with an influencer on our own or use the support of an agency specializing in influencer marketing. Special platforms for influencers are also helpful. These are profile databases where you can search for creators by specific parameters – reach, engagement community topics channels etc.


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Among the most popular websites, it is worth mentioning WhitePress, Reachblogger, Influencers.Club, Influ, SnapStars, Social Blade, HypeAuditor, IndaHash, impact, grin.  How much does influencer marketing cost? Thus – how much does an influencer earn? The answer, of course, is it depends. There is no such thing as a price list for cooperation with an influencer, the rates are set individually and depend, among others, on on the size of the profile and BI lists the scope of activities. In the case of nanoinfluencers, the cost of one publication may amount to several dozen or several hundr zlotys. Some also settle in barter.

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