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In their article, however, the American scientists show that nanophotonics can “recycle. Photons that would otherwise have been rendered useless at temperatures around 3,000 K. If they managed to apply these filters to conventional incandescent bulbs, the lighting efficiency would be around 40% , a percentage that exceeds the performance of current technologies, according to the authors of the work. Thus, they are able to demonstrate in a preliminary way that an incandescent emitter could be developed with an efficiency similar to that of commercial fluorescents and LED bulbs , but that it would have “exceptional color rendering” and would be scalable at an industrial level.

Therefore, Marin Soljacic’s team

Has laid the first stone to recover the heat lost in the form of infrared. Radiation by applying a nanotechnological solution.  filter that allows visible photons to pass through, but not infrared photons. Which are reflected back to the incandescent filament. An ingenious method to “recycle” the energy that Cyprus Phone Number List was previously lost and that, perhaps in the not too distant future. Could make us recover the bulbs one day designed by Edison.Can skin cells help in the treatment of diabetes? Angela Bernardo Angela Bernardo California researchers raise in a paper in Nature. Communications the possibility of using skin cells to treat type II diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the most important

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and worrisome public health disorders in the world. According to data from the World Health Organization , 347 million people suffer from a disease caused by the lack or misuse of insulin by our body. Problems with this hormone, responsible for regulating blood BI Lists sugar levels, could worsen over the next decade. And it is that according to the WHO itself, “deaths from diabetes could multiply by two between 2005 and 2030.” In particular, what is known as type 2 diabetes mellitus is characterized.  By disorders in the secretion or action of insulin.

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