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.The risk factors, according to experts, are varied: a body mass index greater than 25, advanced age, low birth weight, unhealthy diets or even ethnic origin play an important role in the development of this disorder. According to some studies , type 2 diabetes caused 2.9 million deaths in the year 2000, which represents 5.2% of all deaths in the world. diabetes To address this disease, experts recommend monitoring blood sugar levels using an instrument called a glucometer. Regular physical activity, a healthy diet, and sometimes the administration of various medications help improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes.

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Diagnosis of this disorder, new research has now been added that has made skin cells produce insulin.  Communications and represents an interesting step in the field of biomedicine and regenerative medicine. Scientists at the University of California have Czech Republic Phone Number List  managed to “transform” human fibroblasts into beta cells, the cells of the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. They have achieved this by applying reprogramming factors, in combination with specific chemical compounds and growth factors.

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Able to “reverse” the differentiated stage of fibroblasts -connective tissue cells- to give rise to cells similar to those. Responsible for manufacturing insulin in the body. diabetes Once this step was done. The researchers transplanted these “beta cells” into animal models, so that the mice BI Lists could secrete insulin. Given the tests carried out, in which the scientists induced diabetes chemically. The results are very interesting: they were able to “stop” type 2 diabetes with a cell therapy by which. They made the laboratory animals themselves produce insulin . The conclusions of the study are promising, since it allows us to have a new strategy against type 2 diabetes.

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