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Thanks to virtual reality the patient acts as

The potential that this technology could have in our health care. Scientists have devised a virtual reality prototype with the aim of improving motor rehabilitation of the shoulder . And the first tests have en successful: it seems that this technological advance not only improves. The recovery exercises and strength of patients, but also shortens rehabilitation times. virtual reality As Alejandro Baldominos comments to the SINC Agency. “An evaluation has en carried out with physiotherapists and the response has en very positive.” The virtual reality system uses the Intel RealSense motion sensor and the Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality glasses.

The designed prototype

Presented in the journal Procedia Computer Science and at an international scientific congress. On the application of new technologies in the field of health (HCist). Focuses on the movements of shoulder adduction and abduction.  if he were a goalkeeper in a soccer game . For this reason, he must  Ivory Coast Phone Numr List stop the balls that are thrown at him in the game, so he must practice the movements that we mentioned. Thus, he can use the UC3M system to have fun while working on motor recovery of his shoulder.

Undoubtedly, one more example

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Of the future of virtual reality and its applications in the field of medicine , although more trials are neeIts first wind.  Farm has started operating in the state of Indiana (in the northern United States) and will have a capacity to supply 46,000 homes each year. Ded to prove the direct nefits of this technological advance. Green servers: Amazon commissions its first wind farm Pablo G. jerano BI Lists Pablo G. jerano Amazon’s wind farm will generate power to supply some 46,000 homes each year. Data centers consume a large amount of energy. They are huge installations full of powerful machines stacked to form corridors of closets. Amazon has proposed that all this electricity that the servers need obtained. From renewable energy and has already taken a step forward.

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