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How popular is name lily

The name Lily is a popular name for girls in many countries around the world. Its popularity has been consistent for several decades, with a slight increase in recent years. In this response, I will explore the popularity of the name Lily in different regions and time periods, as well as the potential reasons for its enduring appeal. First, let’s look at the historical popularity of the name Lily in the United States. According to the Social Security Administration’s records of baby names.

This means that Lily is currently one of the top

Lily first entered the top  names for girls in Its popularity fluctuated over the next several decades, falling out of the top  in the  before reemerging in the . Since then, Lily’s popularity has steadily increased, reaching a Namibia Mobile Number List
peak of . This means that Lily is currently one of the top most popular names for girls in the United States. In , there were  baby girls named Lily in the United States, accounting for of all female births. Lily’s popularity is not limited to the United States, however. It is also a popular name in many other countries around the world. For example, in England and Wales, Lily has been in the top names for girls since  and was the  most popular name in .

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In Australia, Lily has been a top name for girls since  and was the 4th most popular name in . In Canada, Lily has been a top name for girls since  and was the 10th most popular name in  There are several potential reasons for BI lists the enduring popularity of the name Lily. First, it is a simple, easy-to-spell, and easy-to-pronounce name, which makes it accessible to a wide range of people. Additionally, Lily is a beautiful, delicate flower that has been associated with purity, innocence, and renewal throughout history. This symbolic meaning may make the name appealing. To parents who want to give their daughters. A name that has positive connotations. Finally, lily is a versatile name. That can be paired with a wide range of middle names and surnames. Allowing parents to create a unique name. For their child while still using a popular first name.


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