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Founders of Wallapop Hey, what are you

Who have en chosen in the technological field in 2015 ? Watson, the Artificial Intelligence computer system vised by IBM is among them. It is certainly “the smartest”, but I have cid to leave it out to focus on the human brains on the list. I have also add Wallapop, CartoDB and Latch, three Spanish technological projects that in 2015 have given.  A lot to talk about. Perhaps his example will inspire us to unleash our own creative vein. Gerard Olivé, Agustín Gómez and Miguel Vicente –  go to do with that if you don’t use it?”, “Turn it up, turn it up” , “And some money has already fallen into your pocket.

A suggestive voice tells us while

A catchy melody plays. It is the new and powerful campaign of Wallapop , the young and fresh technology startup that has revolutionized second hand markets . wallapop Sell new or used products tween individuals over the Internet is noth new. But do it to people who  Latvia Phone Numr List are around you by apply a geolocation layer and from a smartphone , yes. This is the market niche that three entrepreneurs saw in 2013, Gerard Olivé, Agustín Gómez and Miguel Vicente (founr of Letsbonus). And time has proven them right. In 2015 the Wallapop app, available for iOS and Android , has explod.

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Over 40 million productsThis is evinced by the fact that the company does not yet have a fined business mol. In Wallapop, the price of a product is freely agreed by the users. And the payment is normally ma in person. Here you can find everyth (EVERYTH) and that is BI Lists why there are media that.  Already refer to it as the nonsense sales platform . There are also those who use the app to flirt, a vein that those responsible cid to take advantage of last February by creat.  A sles market.” With the purchase of the American startup Sell It , Wallapop ma the international leap. A few months ago and has established itself as one of the great success stories of national entrepreneurship.

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