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With a service, or rather a collection of services that are already mature and have a very important economic impact.  the trade situation in the medium term, taking the year 2020 as a reference. First of all, we must take a reality check, thus the Mckinsey report states that in that year in the US there were still 80 and 90% of trade sales will continue to occur in physical stores . Does that mean that everything will stay the same and that stores can relax in their adoption of technologies? Nothing could be further from the truth, and as we show below, digital will impact commerce in different aspects.

The Smartphone as a tool

To reach the customer: In 2020, the mobile will become a fundamental tool, as explained in the previously published post , both to take potential customers to the stores and to communicate with them and guide them inside. In this regard , Beacon technology seems Spain Phone Number List fundamental. Smart infrastructures: The inclusion of smart infrastructures in shops will become more and more common, for example hangers that indicate the number of “likes” that a garment has on social networks or smart shelves that use sensors to capture what is happening and send orders.

Personalized messages to potential customers

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In this way you can update prices, make offers. Or adapt to the customer who is in front of a product. This forecast is supported by a Gartner study , according to which smart shelves.  Will be able to move 1.9 trillion dollars worldwide in the year 2020. Pred20 Virtual reality and other BI Lists visual technologies inside the store. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, for this reason.  It will be more and more common for establishments to include technologies that allow them. To comfortably “see” how the product they want to buy looks like.

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