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The Urban Research brand has already installed the first virtual fitting rooms and plans to reach 100 virtual fitting rooms in the year 2020. of you who hate having to sign up everywhere, we’ve rounded up five incredibly helpful websites that don’t Pred20II Virtual reality and other visual technologies outside the store.  require any sign-up. We invite you to save them in your bookmarks. Detailed product catalogs, also accompanied by their prices. Catalogs that have become more and more complete and of higher quality, including a good number of photos, technical specifications, comments from other users, related articles.

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To help the user in the purchase, although without leaving to be in the end 2D catalogs of the products. The use of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies promise to change this situation. On the one hand, augmented reality will make it possible to check how a  Sweden Phone Number List product looks in the place.  Where it is going to be placed once. Purchased,which is useful, for example. when the measurements and the relationship between spaces are important. For example in the case of buying furniture.

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An IoT security nightmare? Chema Alonso New Whitepaper “Securing the Internet of Things” prepared by Telefónica and the ElevenPaths analyst team It is almost impossible to think of a world without connected devices. Just as the days before mobile phones were available BI Lists to everyone seems like the Middle Ages to us, the thought of going a day without an many people feel uneasy, or even terrified. The perennial nature of the Internet of Things has quickly become seared into the very fabric of our daily lives, and its speed of adoption shows no sign of abating. According to Gartner, in 2016 there will be 6.4 billion. Things” connected.  Which represents a dizzying increase of a third (30%) compared to 2015.