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The bicycle is in fashion in Spain, and it is endorsed with a sales volume. That reaches 1,088,548 units in 2014 tween mountain.  Road, city…, accord to AM, the National Association of Cycl Sector Brands . In fact, the bicycle is an excellent means of transport that does not pollute and promotes sustainable urban mobility.  of positive health effects that highlight the progressive success it is hav in the world of the city . And in this context, sustainability, the environment, health and technological. Support are some of the elements that have led to the creation of a bottle that is filled with water while you pedal.

This nifty vice is called Fontus

Basically, it extracts moisture from the air to generate drink water through. The thermoelectric refrigeration principle that is used in domestic humidifiers. This velopment, created by Kristof Retezár , therefore generates water for  Search for the essence of ballet through Bulgaria Phone Numr List technology  human consumption from the connsation of air humidity. “It is simply the connsation of the humidity that the air contains. There is always a percentage of humidity in the air, no matter where you are, even in the sert”, explains Kristof Retezár. Fontus-5 How does Fontus work? The vice works thanks to solar energy and the energy created through pedal.

It has a small thermoelectric

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Cooler that cools the upper chamr while the lower chamr remains warm. So that moisture can transformed into water. Finally, the connser is attached to the bottle where the clean water. Collected dur the bike ri is stored. Fontus can produce half a liter of water BI Lists in one hour in cases of temperatures tween 30 and 40º; and tween 80 and 90% humidity. The vice is easily installed in the bicycle frame, and has a filter to prevent dust. And insects from enter the mechanism of the bicycle and end up in the water.

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