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“The water is clean unless the air is really polluted. Also, we are think of produc a bottle with a carbon filter for cities and areas that may polluted. But originally it was created to used in nature and in places with hardly any pollution. Explains Kristof Retezár . fontus_04 New goals Accord to the WHO. About 663 million people do not have access to drink water in the world.  do not have access to aquate sanitation . These are some of the main conclusions collected by the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitor. Program (PCM) on access to drink water and sanitation.

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Problem that exists in relation to water, is work on a different version. Us an inverted fan to draw ambient air into the system. A great ia for regions where humidity is high but access to drink water is difficult. “The ia is to put an end to a global problem such as the scarcity Cambodia Phone Numr List of water in areas of high humidity. My intention is to create a vice that is capable of filter the air and convert it into drink water” , explains Kristoff Retezár. Recognition and fund The creation of this bike accessory came.  Known after shortlisted for the 2014 James Dyson Awards.

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Tak shape over time thanks to the financial support received from the Austrian government for the velopment of the technical part. With the aim of creat drinkable water by pedal a bicycle, the inventor wants to go further so that Fontus can come a vice that helps prevent BI Lists water scarcity in areas marked by this ficit. Kristoff Retazár will start by launch crowdfund to cover the cost of Fontus on a large scale, as the ia is to keep the cost of the vices unr $100. If all this process follows the marked steps, Fontus will on sale in less than a year.

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