WEB MARKETING Brand Awareness

one of the indicators of the company’s success : the higher the sense of familiarity consumers have with a brand, the more likely it is that when they are looking for a certain good or service they will immediately think of it and choose it for complete the purchase. Often, in fact, simply knowing the name of a brand can push the consumer to choose one product over another, as it conveys greater reliability.

The “fame” of a brand influences consumer behavior and increases their satisfaction: when you purchase a product or service from a certain brand you obtain added value given by the concepts, experiences and principles that it represents.

Why working on brand awareness is essential for your company

The consumer must be able to identify with the brand , in this way, during the decision-making process, he will choose the product or service of that brand and not that of a competitor.

When it comes to web marketing, strengthening your online presence becomes a primary objective and not doing so is a very serious mistake.

In a competitive market like today’s, where special data there is a vast offer of products and services of all kinds. The only way for a company to stand out and be chosen is to offer its target audience add value.

People don’t buy just out of necessity, base on the functionality of the product, the price or the

How to measure brand awareness of your brand?

special data

At the base there is the starting situation, i.e. the target audience does not know the brand, while at the top is the objective to be achieve, i.e. total loyalty.

Brand awareness is therefore connect to the following concepts. Which are nothing more than the steps to reach the top of the pyramid:

  • Unaware of brand : the consumer does not know and is not able to recognize the brand;
  • Brand recognition : the consumer is able to BI Lists recognize the brand and connect it to the products or services it offers, by seeing the logo, or reading the name; the ability of a brand to be easily reconnect by consumers to the relevant product category and the needs it is able to satisfy, when they think of a specific need;

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