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A virtual reality experience like no othe

In addition, these pilots will ” drive ” with a headset equipped on their heads, to see in real time the route that the drone is taking, and to be able to handle it more easily. r. drone_pilots Luckily, all the spectators of these competitions will be able to choose to follow the race live from the stadium itself, or watch it through the camera with the same system that the pilots use to compete. Drivers from all over the world will participate in the first race over the next few months. We already know that the circuits will have traps , such as artificial fog , and checkpoints that the drones will have to cross to continue the tour.

With a speed of up to 145 kilometers

Per hour , this event wants to be compared to Formula 1 , at least as far as spectacularity is concerned. At the moment, the investment achieved for this project exceeds 8 million dollars . If there is any doubt about how impressive these races will be, we are sure  Oman Phone Number List that the following video will surely clear it up. When will we enjoy competitions like these in Spain ? At the moment, we know that the first battle will take place on February 22 , at the Miami Dolphins stadium in the southeast Florida city.

We present the Telefónica

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Content Marketing LAB Cecilia Vega Hevia Cecilia Vega Hevia Nazareth Victoria Perez Diaz Nazareth Victoria Perez Diaz Two months have passed since Telefónica, within its new LAB program, awarded us its scholarships to be part of the first Content Marketing LAB. Since then you BI Lists may have read or seen some of the content we have published on blogthinkbig.com . It’s about time we formally introduce ourselves. LABS are innovation cells , in which between 8 and 10 talented young people with different disciplinary profiles come together to solve a challenge with the help of an expert mentor . In this case, the challenge is to generate multimedia content and give blogthinkbig.

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