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This is how automobile rac gan , an activity reserved for the richest.  And most powerful, due to the cost involved in participat in them. One of the first competitions was the Monte Carlo Rally. Which was consired more of a display of high-end vehicles than a proper race. Over time, automobile rac has spread, although largely maintain the exclusivity factor that they had from their origins. From Formula 1 to rallies , all kinds of vehicles currently compete to reach the finish line first. With a large follow of fans closely follow their every move.

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A sector that until now had not participated in this type of activity gins its adventures in the world of speed . And with the indisputable advantage that none of the drivers.  Participat in the races will suffer any damage if an accint occurs. We talk, of course, about drones . drones New Zealand Phone Numr List on the run Throughout 2015 , rumors gan to heard about a new type of rac that would inclu high-tech vices . Not much more data was given, so the information spent a few months feed and generat more and more interest. Nicholas Horbaczewsky , CEO and founr of the project, has already given an official name to what will the world’s first drone rac competition.

The Drone Race League

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Will br together all the participants who want to test their skills pilot unmanned teams on special circuits. DRL_drones Accord to the latest data, there are already six competitions.  Scheduled in the  itself will provi the pilots with special drones for the race, with the aim BI Lists that, at least dur the first tests of this modality, the pilots do not have to worry about damag their own vices. One of the most important points of these races will the fact that all the drones will have integrated vio cameras , so that the audiovisual material that can extracted from each competition will have unparalleled value.

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