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For example, out of every 100 application velopers only 9 are women and only 19% of them are managers and entrepreneurs.  female presence in technology companies is a basic problem and lies in education. On the one hand, in Spain only 13 out of every 1,000 people have completed. Higher education in what are known as STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics). For its acronym in English), but on the other hand, there is a digital genr gap in technological and scientific careers, for example, in Europe only 3 out of 10 scientists are women.

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Problem the absence of female references that encourage girls to enter these fields. The result is that with the expected changes in the economy and the labor market. In the next 10 years there will a mand for STEM professionals. and we are not go to have El Salvador Phone Numr List men or women prepared to occupy those positions. On the other hand, access management positions or obtain financ to start a business is also a difficulty that women face. And for this reason the velopment of a communication network. And the creation of a brand image through networks are particularly important.

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To show their work and generate conversation about them. women and startups. II part of the digital world and connected with the largest. Numr of people in your sector or professional environment is always a great help. Social networks have come the st tool to achieve BI Lists this connection worldwi. With an important incentive, its use and management can carried out without hav to make any economic expense. Of course, you have to clear about what you want to achieve and the strategy to followed. cause in the end.  You will have to monetize those virtual contacts by turn them into real interactions.

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