With Clarity in your arsenal you’ll be able to generate

Is considered the most suitable for  improvement. Due to its attractive pricing models, it is preferred by digital bloggers, individuals, and small and medium-sized businesses. Heat maps capture user interactions, including their location, browser, operating system, and their activities on web pages. The collected data is then uploaded to the cloud for instant reporting on the website owners’ devices.

What makes Heatmap.com stand out from the crowd.

What they like and what they ignore. Clarity generates powerful insights with the help of elements like dead clicks, rage clicks, and excessive scrolling, turning  new database problems into opportunities.  Clarity’s services, viz. Heat maps, session recordings, statistics and easy connection to Google Analytics help identify weak spots on the website like never before. Clarity users can now locate places of user frustration, product bugs that can hurt the entire user experience, and potential issues with specific user groups.  Therefore,
Since Google Analytics is the universal analytics tool. A  used by bloggers and other businesses to check user behavior on the website. Therefore,  Clarity offers easy and seamless integration with Google Analytics to provide a richer experience. Clarity’s clients include some of the most prominent multinational organizations such as the World Health Organization, Hewlett Packard, Cinemark, Pizza Hut, Forbes and Steve Madden.

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The heatmaps.com tag is asynchronous

Heatmaps are also easy to install by only taking a minute to add some simple JavaScript code to the website. Just add that, and you’re done.  and therefore will not slow  BI Lists down the page. It works with all browsers, ajax navigation, sticky elements, and can even handle rendering variation between users. The tag can also be set for website owners who want to customize.

Therefore,  it as per their requirements. is its ability to convert large amounts of data, break it down into small units that make sense, and track it in real time to create a better user experience and site performance. Web. Heatmaps also use  bring data directly to the pages, focusing on the most critical data.

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