To make money you have to invest money

To make money you have to invest money. I’m not telling you anything new. Correct? But I tell you one thing. How many times do you save money and/or effort to opt for the quickest route? Don’t answer me yet. He bad thing is that much more unforeseen events have arisen.I tell you what I have done practically my entire business life. Yes, you guessed it right. Whenever I have been able to save money, I have gone the supposedly less expensive route .

I tell you one thing

I tell you one thing. To know if your product is sold with advertising you have to invest a budget. To know if a product has sales potential you have to have stock. To know if a (paid) marketing tool generates sales for you, you have to try it. Even if there are positive accessible experiences.

Therefore, it does not mean that it will work the same for you. To win in the medium and long term you have to be willing to lose some money . It is still difficult email database for me but I am getting better and better at accepting the fact that sometimes you have to spend 200 euros that do not generate an immediate benefit for the simple fact of collecting data . 

Sometimes takes too long to arrive

Therefore, sometimes takes too long to arrive. From now on I will focus more on things that depend on me. If I realize that I do not have control. Therefore, make decisions and actions to regain it. I won’t waste any more time BI List chasing a solution that isn’t feasible. Therefore, recommend you do the same. if I cannot change the carrier’s behavior, I change company. It is a simple solution.

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