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You can make either photo or video stories and add text, draw, add stickers and gifs to them. popularity, it currently has almost 300 million users around the world. If you haven’t tried it yet, damn it! Next, I’ll tell you why you should definitely focus your attention on Instagram stories. Why should you start using Instagram stories as well? 1. You can post more spontaneous content You can post more spontaneous content on the Stories side, as posts are only visible for 24 hours, after which they disappear from view.

Instagram stories is constantly growing in

Of course, you can also save them from the archived stories section (pictured above) to be displayed on your own profile in special data the Highlights, which I have circled below the picture. Do you want to get more noticed on Instagram? The publication threshold for Stories is much lower than for normal updates, and that makes it so special, interesting and fun. With the help of Stories, the  into your life and you also become more familiar and approachable to them.

Followers get a deeper look

And that usually lowers the threshold to read your blog too, doesn’t it? For example, many make “chat videos” where they spontaneously tell what their day has been like. The best thing about Stories is that you can freely mix more spontaneous and well-thought-out content in the same place. 2. Marketing is easier and more effective Stories are an excellent tool for marketing, because stories automatically disappear from BI  Lists view 24 hours after publication. If you normally update pictures or videos with, for example, an offer, you have to either delete them or at least edit them from your profile when the offer ends.

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